Understanding your cloud security 

With a clear increase in the utilisation of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the question often asked is, who is ultimately responsible for your data security?   According to IDC, 60% of all IT infrastructure and 60-70% of all software, services and technology spending by 2020 will be cloud based.  As a critical element of […]

Huge increase in Microsoft Azure pricing in South Africa

Microsoft plans to hike Azure cloud computing service pricing in South Africa by a massive 23.1% next month following a sharp fall in the value of the rand. In an e-mail to customers seen by TechCentral, Microsoft said it will hike prices for Azure pay-as-you-go customers effective from 16 October 2018. “Microsoft periodically assesses the […]

Cloud shift starting to take place in SA financial service sector

Mounting pressure on financial service institutions has forced a change in strategy as disruptors redefine the competitive landscape.  Andrew Cruise, CEO, Routed, a vendor neutral cloud infrastructure provider, says that thanks to the cloud and a growing base of market disruptors, innovation and technology are becoming more critical to the survival of today’s financial institutions. […]

Organic growth of cloud expected to increase 

PRESS RELEASE – 16 JULY 2018   Andrew Cruise, managing director, Routed, a vendor-neutral cloud infrastructure provider, says that there is still a lot for local businesses to learn about cloud before they see the true benefits.   Not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, Cruise says that a cloud strategy is different for each business and that […]

South Africa needs cloud specialists to fully realise cloud technology

PRESS RELEASE – 28 MAY 2018   The race to the cloud continues as South Africa is slowly transforming into a digital economy. Andrew Cruise, CEO, Routed, a cloud infrastructure provider, says that South Africa’s cloud maturity levels are still lower than other countries, but the market looks promising: “From a data centre perspective, we […]

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