How Routed's cloud hosting solutions work for you.

Routed Cloud Hosting Solutions


Seamlessly move applications from your data centre to the cloud and back again.

Routed Cloud Hosting Solutions


Confidently protect business critical information with cost-efficient disaster recovery.

Routed Cloud Hosting Solutions


Easily consolidate data centre infrastructure resources.

Routed's Cloud Platform

Routed's ambition is to build, develop and continuously refine and enhance the most secure, reliable and robust Cloud Platform in Africa, supported by the following principals:


The Routed Platform is designed, built and managed to the highest security standards giving you peace of mind that your critical data is safe.


Our highly redundant and fault tolerant Platform design underpins our industry leading 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Open Access

Our internet services are optional - customers can use any ISP prepared to cross connect to us for private connectivity or public internet breakout services.


All our Products are end user manageable through slick, easy-to-use web UIs or APIs.


Enterprise grade hardware combined with best-in-class virtualisation management software facilitates guaranteed minimum and maximum performance to give you the best user experience.

Vendor Neutral

As a Channel focussed business we commit to consistent pricing for all our Partners and we will never compete directly with you for business.

Technology Partners

Routed collaborates closely with best-in-class principal suppliers of hardware and software to design, deploy, manage and support our platform;
Routed's engineers are trained and certified, with years of experience, in all our chosen technologies.

The hybrid cloud management platform.
Backed by the global leader in virtualisation.
Storage from the industry leader in uptime and non-disruptive operations.
The best data protection and disaster recovery for virtual, physical and cloud environments.
Partnering with the world's biggest software company.
#1 Server manufacturer worldwide.

Cloud Products

Routed's focused suite of Cloud Products are designed to satisfy almost any infrastructure hosting requirement.

Virtual Private Cloud

  • Secure, logically isolated environment including dedicated HA firewall
  • Deploy servers from catalogue and private LANs on demand
  • Multiple tiers of storage with guaranteed performance
  • Built in datassurance: local snapshots, offsite replication
  • Self-service through our slick web Management UI
  • Fully integrated Data Protection, or Backup & Recovery
  • Powered by VMware vCloud Director 8.10 and OnApp 5.2

Virtual Server

  • Sell Cloud Server and Backup products through your web storefront
  • Bring your own IP addresses and internet breakout
  • Consume underlying virtual infrastructure resources through APIs
  • Automate ordering, provisioning and billing
  • Available to Wholesale ISP Partners only
  • Utilising VMWare vCloud Director, OnApp and Acronis APIs

Custom Cloud

  • Create mixed, privately networked environments in our Cloud
  • Baremetal Servers - with virtual network bridge into VPC
  • Dedicated VPC - segregated cluster overlaid with our Management UI
  • Dedicated Cloud - vSphere / vCenter-as-a Service: we virtualise, you administer
  • Choose encrypted, logically secure, or physically segregated storage
  • Addresses atypical security, compliance or performance requirements
  • Based on VMWare vSphere / vCenter 6.5, NSX 6.3, vSAN 6.5, vROps 6.4

Backup & Recovery

  • Cost effective SME DR solution using Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7
  • Fully featured backup software for baremetal and virtual Servers
  • Offsite data backup to Routed's secure Cloud repositories
  • Pay-per-use recovery to our secure, resilient, highly available VPC
  • Fully self-service web based Recovery UI
  • vCloud Availability 1.0.1 option for VMWare environments

Data Protection

  • Great value local and offsite backup with Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7
  • Protect baremetal or virtual Servers and laptops/desktops
  • Image based and granular backup to local repositories
  • Offsite data backup to Routed's secure Cloud repositories
  • Image or object/folder/file level restore features
  • Veeam 9.5 Cloud Connect option for Veeam customers

Hybrid Cloud

  • Gain flexibility from hybrid on-premise / cloud networking solutions
  • Configure broad array of public, private and custom connections to our VPC
  • Including MPLS, Layer 2 and Layer 3 endpoints
  • Enable easy cloud migration, cloud bursting or data centre extension
  • Implemented with VMWare NSX 6.5 Advanced Networking and Security

Our Customers

Routed engages end user customers - Enterprises, who use our Cloud Platform for Server or Application hosting - through Wholesale Partners or Reseller Managed Service Providers. Under certain conditions we contract directly with companies, interacting with their dev team or internal IT department.


Managed IT or Web Service Providers who resell our Cloud Products with added value through additional services, usually back-to-backing our term contracts with their Enterprise customers.

Wholesale Partners

Internet Service Providers or Integrated Software Vendors (Software-as-a-Service Providers) who create their own custom Products through transforming and bundling their own resources (internet, IP addresses) or services into Routed's service offerings.

Direct Customers

Enterprises whose CTO or CIO contracts directly with Routed for unmanaged Website Hosting or Business Server Hosting services. Conditional on the customer managing web development or IT support internally.


Referral Partners who facilitate direct engagement between Routed and end user customers through introduction only, without transformation or value added services.

About Routed

Founded in 2016 as a response to the growing demand for data centre hosting solutions following the rapid growth and penetration of fast, reliable connectivity services in South Africa, Routed Hosting is led by industry veterans with over 35 years of experience in delivering and managing secure Cloud and Infrastructure solutions both locally and internationally.

Andrew Cruise Managing Director Routed Cloud Hosting Solutions
A Cape Town native, Andrew Cruise has spent the majority of his working life in London where, after a short stint in Investment Banking he co-founded and grew a successful boutique Managed IT Services company. Following its sale, Andrew took senior positions in larger Managed IT Services businesses which focussed on Private Cloud solutions, managing relationships with medium to large Enterprises. Most recently, Andrew was responsible for all Cloud Products and managing the Cloud division of a leading South African ISP.
Malcolm Siegel Director Routed Cloud Hosting Soslutions
A Cape Town native, Malcolm has been involved in the IT industry since he was a boy. His areas of focus are around compliance, networking and security. He has a passion for cloud and joined together with Andrew and Benjamin to create the first true "open access" cloud platform in South Africa. Malcolm enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball. He is a passionate Manchester United supporter and enjoys playing bridge.
Benjamin Coetzer Director Routed Cloud Hosting Solutions
Growing up during the infancy of the internet revolution, Benjamin Coetzer was drawn towards technologies that connected and enabled people in new and innovative ways. Free time in high school was spent nurturing his passion for software development, and refining his abilities in building advanced, integrated systems. After some years as the Cloud Architect at a leading South African ISP he teamed up with Andrew and Malcolm to build a truly unique platform, enabling partner success by providing secure, reliable cloud hosting.
David Principal Consultant for Routed Cloud Hosting Solutions
David Ramsay is a self-taught digital ghostbuster, because when there's something weird… who you gonna call? He revels in the unusual, the unconventional; and thrives in deploying, managing and supporting complex architectures. David has been building and maintaining Clouds, both private and public, for over 10 years.


Routed Hosting's offices are in Cape Town with data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Our Products

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